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Buy your gifts, goodies,
and more LOCALLY
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Why is it important to Shop Local? 

SHOPPING LOCAL is more than a phrase. It is an action we can take to help our communities thrive and grow now, especially as we recover from the pandemic. 

The BE LOCAL Passport
is a chance to rediscover your local
business community and their offerings!
Be intentional this Valentine’s Day,
shop local businesses and
show your love to the community.
BE LOCAL in 2023
and take advantage of the Holiday
Passport and its rewards!

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The Lake Oswego & West Linn Business Recovery Center builds programs to amplify, encourage and support local businesses. Discover more today!

Our Purpose

With a focus on the short and long term needs of businesses impacted by Covid-19, we give support and are working together toward growth, equity, and resilience in our communities. Connect with us today!

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