23 May, 2023
SESSION 4: HR Infrastructure: An Analysis and Roadmap for Your Business

27 April, 2023
SESSION 3: Building Loyalty and Engagement: New Hire Onboarding Necessities

21 March, 2023
SESSION 2: Recruitment Infrastructure Workshop: Job Ads, Boards, Interview templates and methods

BUILD EFFECTIVE job ads, learn where to post your job ads, and how to build successful and compliant interview templates and processes.

21 February, 2023
SESSION 1: Recruiting in a Multi-Dimensional Workforce

GET AHEAD in building your business recruitment strategy for 2023. Attending and engaging in this workshop will give you insight to the current hiring market, the framework to build a successful recruitment strategy and you will walk away with tangible guidance to put into action!

15 February, 2023
UPCOMING: Business Education Series: HR & Recruitment