SESSION 2: Recruitment Infrastructure Workshop: Job Ads, Boards, Interview templates and methods

March 21, 2023


Join the Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Oregon City Business Recovery Centers for a 6-Session HR & Recruitment workshop series! It all starts HERE:

SESSION 2: Recruitment Infrastructure Workshop is a FREE seminar lead by Jessica Ortman, Head of Recruitment at True Calling Recruitment a PDX consulting firm. Attending this workshop will teach you how to build an effective job ad, where to post your job ads, and how to build successful and compliant interview templates and processes. You will walk away with job ad and interview templates to put into use immediately!

1. What’s the difference between job ad and job description? Why are each important?
2. Where should I post my jobs? What are the best ways to do that?
3. What am I allowed to ask in an interview? How do I best structure my questions to get good information and remain compliant?
4. What am I required to do to retain records?

**Note: This is a recording of a past session and may include references to past events and updates.