HR SESSION 5: Cultivating Culture Through Communication


SESSION 5: HR Infrastructure – Cultivating Culture Through Excellent Communication

June 20, 2023


This FREE seminar is led by Linda Addy, Training & Development Consultant at HR Annie Consulting, a PDX HR consulting firm. This workshop brings recognition of our own and others’ communication preferences, so we can build trust more quickly to motivate and meet the needs of our team. We’ll build foundational skills and awareness about our core professional values and our roles as leaders to provide clear and effective communication to the workplace. We’ll learn strategies to watch for communication pitfalls and set communication boundaries as professionals in influential leadership roles.



1. Tools to engage in clear, dynamic communication.

2. Leaders who can transfer information to their teams allowing time to be focused on the company’s goals and mission.

3. Leaders who identify and handle difficult situations in a compliant manner, mitigating costly employee relations issues.

4. Communication that fits the company’s culture, increasing employee satisfaction and connection.

Please Note: This Business Recovery Center opportunity was created to serve businesses in the following zip codes at no cost: 97034, 97035, 97036, 97068, 97027, 97045, 97004, 97013, 97038, 97042, 97017, 97023 & 97022

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