SESSION 4: HR Infrastructure: An Analysis and Roadmap for Your Business

May 23, 2023


This FREE seminar is led by Carrie Koble, Senior HR Consultant at HR Annie Consulting, a PDX HR consulting firm. Together, using the provided HR Roadmap workbook, you will quickly see the gaps in your current systems and practices as well as understand how to set priorities in building your HR structure in a timely and practical way.
1. The factors you need to evaluate when developing a long-lasting human resource base.
2. A roadmap and strategy for building an HR structure that fits your company.
Please Note: This Business Recovery Center opportunity was created to serve businesses in the following zip codes at no cost: 97034, 97035, 97036, 97068, 97027, 97045, 97004, 97013, 97038, 97042, 97017, 97023 & 97022