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SESSION 1: Recruiting in a Multi-Dimensional Workforce

February 21, 2023


Join the Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Oregon City Business Recovery Centers for a 6-Session HR & Recruitment workshop series! It all starts HERE:
SESSION 1: Recruiting in a Multi-Dimensional Workforce is a FREE seminar lead by Jessica Ortman, Head of Recruitment at True Calling Recruitment a PDX consulting firm. GET AHEAD in building your business recruitment strategy for 2023. Attending and engaging in this workshop will give you insight to the current hiring market, the framework to build a successful recruitment strategy and you will walk away with tangible guidance and templates to put into action!
1. Who is the workforce made of?
2. What do they want, and how do we best set ourselves up with offerings?
3. How do we build an effective recruitment strategy? Where do I start?
**Note: This is a recording of a past session and may include references to past events and updates.

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