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Five Reasons to Attend the Small Business Success Summit

February 26, 2024

The Small Business Success Summit is coming up on Wednesday, April 3rd and if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you should attend, we’re here to give you a few simple reasons why you should join us there!

Many business owners don’t feel they “have the time”, but our goal is to get attendees to work ON their business, not just IN it. If you only have one day or even just a few hours, choose growth for your business by attending the Small Business Success Summit.

Opportunities to network with other small business owners

If you’re wanting to attend the one-day Summit in-person, the schedule already includes built-in times for in-person attendees to connect and network with local partners and businesses, so no need to stress about trying to find time around workshops to chat with other attendees. You’ll be able to meet and connect with other business owners in a similar boat as you and exchange tips, information, and resources.

A chance to level up your existing skills

Even if you feel confident in the way you’re currently handling areas of your business such as finances, marketing, or sales, there’s always room for improvement and elevating your existing skills! We are bringing in stellar industry professionals that are experts in their profession, they're working with the latest technology and applying it to their business to reach higher levels of success, so they will be great resources for attendees to learn from and speak with. By attending the Summit, you may discover new tips and tricks to streamline your existing efforts or make them even more efficient. Come join us and find out what new information you can discover and use for yourself.

A chance to gain NEW skills and knowledge

Of course a major reason to attend: Learning! You can expect to learn something new when attending the Summit and to find out what excites you the most before attending, we recommend exploring the full Schedule online and beginning to note down what workshops you’re wanting to attend and speakers you want to learn from.

Get face-to-face time with local business specialists

Besides networking with other business owners, you’ll also be able to connect and chat with local business specialists and partners from places like the Oregon Business Resource Center, Clackamas Workforce Partnership, US Small Business Administration - Portland District, WorkSource Oregon, MESO and Livelihood NW (who both offer a ton of free educational courses for BIPOC and small business owners!) and a multitude of local Chambers from surrounding cities such as Lake Oswego, West Linn, Wilsonville, Keizer, and so many more incredible partners. This is a great chance to deepen your professional relationships!

Taking time to invest in yourself and your business

Above all else, when you attend the Summit, you are investing in yourself, your business, and your knowledge. It’s important to keep the learning going, welcome new perspectives and tools, and prioritize building connections in your community.

We hope you are able to join us on April 3rd, whether you come in-person or online, it’ll be a jam-packed day full of learning, connection, and strengthening our skills together. To learn more and save your spot, visit the Small Business Success Summit website.

The ticket is only $35 or $25 with a BRC Discount available to Small Businesses with less than 50 employees and businesses located in the following zip codes on the Registration page. We can’t wait to see you there!

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