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Five Ways to Connect the Local Dots: Get Involved!

March 26, 2024
Five Ways to Connect the Local Dots: Get Involved

Are you itching to dive deeper into the heart of your community but not quite sure where to start? Whether you're a local business aficionado or a community enthusiast looking to spread some local love without breaking the bank, we've got you covered in our guide to connect the local dots. Below, explore a few ways to get involved in your local community, some without even making a purchase.

1. Embark on a local adventure

Why not turn your exploration into an adventure? Grab your phone and use Wander Willamette’s Local Business Map to chart a course through the hidden gems of our community. From cozy cafés to quirky bookstores and so much more, make it your mission to discover new spots. Share your finds on social media and tag us! @wanderwillamette on Instagram.

2. Become an advocate on social media

Even online, a little love goes a long way… Follow your favorite local businesses on social media and become their unofficial hype person. Share their posts, engage with their content, and shout from the (virtual) rooftops about their latest offers and deals. It costs $0 to spread positivity online and it can mean the world to a small business owner!

3. Volunteer your skills

Have a knack for graphic design? Are you great with words? Offer up your skills to local businesses or your local Chamber of Commerce to support community and professional events. Many small enterprises can benefit from professional expertise but may have limited resources. By volunteering, you’re not only elevating your own portfolio, but you’re also knitting tighter community bonds.

4. Start a local community group

Think of it as a book club, but for local business enthusiasts! Gather a group of like-minded individuals and make it your mission to support local businesses. Whether it’s a weekly coffee meet up at a new café or a monthly dinner at a local restaurant, your group can make a huge impact. Plus, it's a fantastic way to make new friends AND try out new places you might not visit otherwise!

5. Share your positive experiences!

Did you have a great meal or receive excellent service somewhere locally? Take a moment to write a positive review on platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews. These five-star ratings have such a big impact on local businesses and their visibility online.

Every small interaction, every online share, and every word of encouragement contributes greatly to our vibrant community. Don't forget to explore and use Wander Willamette's Local Business Map as your compass to uncover the wonders of our neighborhood. Follow Wander Willamette on Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with upcoming local events and experiences.

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