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Starting Strong: Launching Your Business with Chamber Support

September 28, 2023

Your local Chambers of Commerce are treasure troves full of resources and opportunities waiting to be explored. We'll dive into some tips on how to leverage the power of your local Chamber to help your business thrive and give it the kick start it needs.

One of the most significant benefits of joining your local Chamber of Commerce is the instant access to a vibrant, local business community. Leverage this opportunity and attend networking events and relevant workshops to meet like-minded individuals, potential business partners, and even customers. These events can be invaluable for building relationships and gathering insights from experienced entrepreneurs in your area.

TIP: Check out the West Linn and Lake Oswego Chamber websites for event calendars and details on how to attend. Bring along your business cards!

Chambers of Commerce are hubs for educational resources tailored especially to local businesses. From business development seminars to in-person and virtual workshops on digital marketing, there’s a plethora of learning opportunities to help you sharpen your skills and stay competitive. The Chambers have partnered with Wander Willamette, through the Lake Oswego & West Linn Business Recovery Center, to host several educational webinars that could benefit you!

TIP: Stay informed by subscribing to local Chamber newsletters, following their social media channels, and attend Chamber-sponsored meetings/events for more. Also, don't hesitate to reach out to your local chamber staff for recommendations on which programs might be most beneficial for your specific needs.

Chambers of commerce are excellent platforms for marketing your business, too. Take advantage of their directories, websites, and social media platforms to increase exposure for your business. Being a part of your local chamber can introduce you to potential partners, suppliers, and collaborators. Whether you're seeking local suppliers, distributors, or even investors, valuable introductions can be made via the chamber.

TIP: Reach out to your local Chamber to inquire about partner programs and business directories. Seek out and attend networking events with a focus on discovering strategic partners that align with your business goals!

Launching your business with the support of your local Chamber of Commerce can be a total game-changer. From networking opportunities to educational resources, advocacy, marketing support and more, Chambers offer a wealth of tools to help your business skyrocket and thrive. Take the time to explore the resources offered through the West Linn and Lake Oswego Chambers and their partnership and investment in Wander Willamette for their local communities.

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