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Sustainable Business Practices: Tips for Aligning with Community Values

November 1, 2023
Sustainable Business Practices: Tips for Aligning with Community Values

Today, businesses of all sizes must evolve to not only survive, but thrive in an era of environmental consciousness. Sustainability in business is not just an option nowadays; it's a clear reflection of your commitment to your community and the wellbeing of our planet. We explored a few tips to guide businesses on adopting sustainable business practices while also staying true to the values of our local community.

Prioritizing sustainability isn't just a trend, rather a necessity driven by factors such as consumer expectations, legal regulations, community engagement, and more.

Today's consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and aware of business practices from the brands and companies they purchase from. They often prefer to support businesses that share and reflect their own values. Because of this, adopting sustainable practices can attract and retain customers.

From a legal perspective, laws and regulations are ever-evolving to encourage and, in some cases, regulate sustainable business practices. Staying ahead of these changes and regulations can save your business from fines and penalties!

Here are some practical steps to align your business practices with community values:

Energy Efficiency

Conduct an energy audit to identify areas for improvement. Invest in energy-efficient equipment, such as LED lighting. Utilize local resources like the Energy Trust of Oregon for incentives and support.

Sourcing Sustainably

Prioritize partnering with local suppliers to support your community directly and reduce transportation emissions. Seek out products with certifications like Fair Trade or FSC for ethical sourcing.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Minimize waste by opting for goods with minimal packaging.Develop a comprehensive recycling program through using local resources. We also recommend checking out Clackamas County and their Leaders in Sustainability for Businesses. They have so many great resources! Encourage employees to reduce single-use items and opt for reusables.

Community Engagement

Collaborate with local sustainability organizations like the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network and check out the Clackamas County Green Business Directory. Leverage their resources, recognition, and support to enhance your sustainability efforts.

Through following these key steps, your business can make a significant impact, reduce costs, AND align with the expectations of your eco-conscious customers. It’s a win win for all!

Sustainability is a long lasting journey, but through utilizing local resources and networks, you have the right tools at your disposal for success. Make sure to keep up with local networking events, new business resources, tools and opportunities by visiting Wander Willamette and following us on Instagram and Facebook for more.

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